Thursday 26 August 2010

The itch you can't scratch

Really annoyed at the moment. Tendinitis in my knees is stopping me ride with any real intensity. I'm hoping that the rest and exercises I'm doing get me fit in time for The Three Peaks cyclocross, but it's going to be close. And even then I won't be on top form.

In an attempt to stay sane, I've been playing about with my bikes, changing set-ups and general tinkering. This year I've been loving the Top Fuel 9.8 but also riding the Fuel 69er a lot. The 69er in particular is a bit of a departure for me. Big bars, short stem, dropping post, big tyres. It's confidence inspiring and seems to be helping me ride better. It's got me thinking about bigger bikes. I'd love a Rumblefish!

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Rich said...

Haven't they just dropped the Rumblefish?

Nick said...

Sympathies on the knee. Take it from me, I know how fustrating it is to be laid up because of it.

I broke my physios orders and went out for a road ride today on the grounds that I'd not be likely to be putting my foot down and wrenching it, and I could spin my way home if it got too gurty.

Couldn't help myself and flew the local loop.

Shaggy said...

The Rumblefish isn't on the Trek UK website but it is going to be available.