Sunday 25 April 2010

2011 entry list

I just spotted the entry list is up here.

Some interesting stuff:
Jeff is racer #1 (didn't Pete win?!)
11 brits.
2 skiers, 12 runners and 36 bikers.
10 people heading to Nome, 8 on bikes. Although I belive Roger is going to do the short race on skis instead.
Carl, southern route record holder is back.
The legend that is John Stamstad is there running the 350 mile race.
Greg from Speedway is putting his money where his mouth is.
Bristol locals Fi and Andy are running, last time I saw them they were talking about riding it...
Top runners Tim and Tom are conspicuous in their absence (especially as Tim's wife is there).

Really looking foward to it! Unfortunatly twisted my knee yesterday so off the bike (and, feet...) for a while :-(