Monday 19 July 2010

Another Monday. But somehow different.

I had a great ride in this morning. I bought this frame a couple of years ago but built it up as a single speed. It's had a lot of use, including two Three Peaks rides. I'm surprised it still looks so tidy. After last years event I got a new XO2 so this one has been somewhat neglected. However, this years 3 Peaks entries spurred me in to tidying it up. The new bike will be my primary ride with this one as a spare.

There's something special about riding a favourite bike that's been ignored for a while. Everything is in the right place. No fumbling for the pedals. The saddle fits in a way a new one never will. Everything just works. Today was nicer still, a full compliment of gears has made the bike feel like even more of a ripper. I sprint the first hundred meters up the road, before ducking through to the valley behind my house. The speed on the road gives me confidence as the trail points down. Perhaps a little too much confidence. I tear through the first right hander then nearly high-side myself in the following left. I reign it in, but just a little... The ups are out of the way quicker than usual and the 50.00cm bars are forgotten about on the downs. By the time I make it to work I'm a sweaty mess. I need a long shower, a coffee and a second breakfast. However I'm starting Monday happy, although i still might not get much work done- today I will be mainly thinking about one Sunday in September.

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Sunday 4 July 2010

The weekender was great!

Shame I crashed out on the DH but the format was awesome, and great to see everyone!

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