Friday, 6 March 2009


So what news to tell. No doubt you have all been following the race by looking at the latest news page. What a hardcore race it is turning out to be. If you haven't already, have a look at a news article in the Anchorage news, to help to get some sort of perspective of the conditions the racers are having to deal with.

The winner of the 350 mile race has never taken more than 5 days. In fact Pete Basinger did it a couple of years ago in just over 3 days. We have already passed the 5 day mark and none of the racers have yet made it to McGraph, the finish point of the 350 mile race.

From the leaderboard and the latest news from Kathi it looks like John has finally made it to Rohn. After, I should think, a good rest there he has the long barren route to Nikolai which is a painstaking 90 miles from Rohn.

I wonder how many of the 8 1100mile racers will continue on to Nome this year. They have already had the race of of their lives and the shorter race is not yet over.

A big hello to two of John's siblings Kirsty and Ali who have been following his progress from somewhere in the galapagos (is that right Kirsty?) and Australia.
Can't wait to see you guys at the wedding in May.


Anonymous said...

Ali, what your collar size?

Anonymous said...

err ask the thai guys who make all my shirts...

I'll find out.


Anonymous said...

Phew... relieved to hear Shaggy got to Rohn. Just read Kathi's description of the stage to Nikolai; no less hardcore! Keep it up Shaggy! ( & Mel! )

Unknown said...

We left the Galapagos 10 days ago, and since then we have been crossing the Pacific!. Now we are 500 miles out of the Marquesas Islands, French Polynesia, should get there Sunday night.

The race has definitely made my days a lot more exciting, the whole crew is even getting into it... either that or I'm boring everyone with every latest new post and leaderboard update...

well until the next comment.. ciao for now xx