Sunday 1 March 2009

Race day

Got a call yesterday morning to say that John had arrived safely and he had just spent his birthday at the pre race party. He had met up with quite a lot of the racers, had a nice chat with Roger Leavesley, and James Leavesley had just arrived.

Despite the weather in the run up to the race being mild, it was snowing heavily during the race meeting, held at the Golden Lion Best Weston Hotel yesterday afternoon, which should make the going interesting.

The race starts today at 2pm from Knik, Alaskan time, so join me at 11pm tonight UK time to raise a glass of your favourite tipple wishing John and all the other racers the best of luck.

I'll post updates on here when I get the chance, but check out the latest news part of the official website for more up to date info.

Good luck John we're all thinking of you. Allez Allez!


G as in Chris said...

I'm so happy he's getting to do this. Stay safe, and have fun Shaggy!

Piers Barber said...

Stay warm fella!