Wednesday 4 March 2009


John got into Fingerlake in the early hours of Tuesday morning (3.50am). He left at 11.17am for Puntilla and the Rainy Pass Lodge. See the latest news page for more info.

Jeff Oatley is seriously powering along 11 hours ahead of the next group of riders which include James Leavesley and Jay and Tracey Petervary. They are all now heading along Rainy Pass on their way to Rohn.

James took seven hours to get to Puntilla from Fingerlake so I would be expecting John to get into Puntilla late evening on Tuesday, depending on weather conditions.

It's also fantastic news that Jill's frostbite shouldn't require surgery. Rest up and get well soon Jill.


carlhutch said...

I hope John stops at Mike and ingrids cabin.They put a sign on the river pointing to it,the nicest folk you will ever meet,always have a fire going outside.They spend 3 months a year in this tiny cabin half the size of a garage and the ultrasport are treated like family coming through.Always offer a hot chocolate and a smile.

Anonymous said...

Sounds lovely. Thanks for the photos he looks really happy at the start!