Sunday 16 November 2008

SW 'Cross

Last night was James and Raluca's leaving party. Bristol will miss them. Seeing as it hasn't stopped raining since they moved here perhaps we'll have a dry winter though...

Nice to catch up with Dom and Louisa, Sam and Deano.

Today was the local Cyclocross race. I finally got my X0 out of 3 Peaks build in to it's normal drop-bar form, and had my first proper use of the tub wheels I got cheap from Dom. Unfortunately I couldn't find my chain whip so I ended up on too steep a gear- 39:15. The course was leafy and quite hard going in places despite there being no real climbs.

I took of with the leaders, sitting happily in 5th until half way through the second lap when I high-sided it in to a bush. Got it back together and made my way back up to 6th. Had a good battle with Dave from John's Bikes, but he eventually got the better of me. Towards the end I was reduced to running past lapped riders. Despite the bike going well and me feeling strong. Finished on the same lap as the winner, 6th. 39:17 for the Cris' 'Cross back there.

Pic by James' brother David.

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Dean said...

Great to see you too.

Tweaks to the blog look great.

You rock: