Saturday 15 November 2008

I found the lost member of the Happy Days gang


Yesterday afternoon I went out with our work Challenger World team. The plan was for the 3 teams to do a mock stage. The basic jist was running and Mountain Biking orienteering to collect sets which allowed us to answer questions and play darts to score more points. Tom and set of on our bikes while Chewy and Pete set off on foot. We were having a fun ride despite the mud. We rode up a white lane to Charmy Down, a deserted World war 2 Night Fighter base. It's a strange spooky place with cows grazing on the runway and loads of derelict buildings. I'll have to have more of a look around (perhaps on a trip out to here). On our way down a guy in a nice old Merc was stopped on the road, we had a chat for a few minutes. Apparently they want to build a car park over the airfield, but he's been trying to stop it. He also mentioned that there are now wild Boar in the area- I'd not heard of them so far south. Interesting. Anyway, as he drove of, Tom and I realised that we both recognised him as an actor, but couldn't put our finger on who he was. I had to search he web when I got home, but finally found him.

Despite a really good ride, which our team completely got the wrong end off the stage. Consequently we completely messed the event up and came last. Better now than in the real event...

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