Tuesday 11 November 2008

Random factor, like a tractor

That was a random weekend. Very little in the way of riding but got a lot of things sorted. Managed a 3 hr ride straight out of work on Friday then a quick shower and dashed to meet Mel and head to the airport. Ran in to two sets of friends in the bar- Dylan, Clare and baby Cadel and The Boy Wonder. Time for a quick chat then jumped on the Queezyjet to Glasgow. By coincidence we ended up sat by a guy, Liam, who was on his way up to DJ a gig. He’s in to dirt jump bikes so we got chatting, turns out he was friends with Parry from my old local shop- Psyclewerx. A couple of drinks later and the flight had (ahem) flown by. We said our goodbyes and headed of to Trina (her photo again) and Jon's flat. Jon mixed up some of his famous Bloody Marys and we chatted until past our bed time

Saturday morning I had to get measured up for a Kilt, for my wedding next year. As predicted it was a very easy, but expensive morning. One more thing crossed of that list. After a bit more shopping we headed back to the flat. For some reason we decided to start mixing cocktails... The rest of the night goes a bit fuzzy, but suffice to say some mixes were worse than others, but I cant remember which were which. I slept well.

Sunday saw us rise earlyish and head over to to the SXC race in Peebles. As I hadn't brought a bike I borrowed Jon's trusty Roshambo, while he rode his “Supra Beasto” with an Endomorph front tyre- not very 'cross. That said, he was dressed as a Ninja, which you don’t see a lot of in Belgium either. The field was about 100 strong and the course was very good. Euro-style I guess- lots of grass and tricky, slippery off-camber corners but several fast tarmac sections. Fun! I didn't have a very good start but I had a few fun battles with the people around me. About 20 minutes in I finally got in to a rhythm and put in a few quick laps and enjoyed picking people off. I kept feeling stronger towards the end and finished feeling pretty happy with myself. No idea where I came but that doesn't really matter, does it?! After a quick change it was time for the kids race, which also had a large field. They all seemed to be loving it and it was great to watch them, elbows out against each other. At the prize giving they all won something and got an enthusiastic cheer from the crowd. We scoffed birthday cake and bacon rolls. Anja won the women’s category, much to her surprise. I won a beer for having a beard. All good.

After that there was just time to get back to Glasgow, cook and eat some bolognaise and catch our flight. Really feels like it was more than a weekend.


Anonymous said...


Good to see you both...

In the first reckoning I WHUPPED YOUR ASS GOOD with a solid 15th place... until some fcker pointed out that I was doing bottle handups from the pits instead of laps... anyhoo, latest results are at the end of the linky...


Chris ; )

chrisD said...

indeed, you did a good ride, it was a strong field, I should have handed bottles, me thinks.