Thursday 6 November 2008

Rollapaluza at Mud Dock

Since running in to Casper and Winston at SSWC07 I've been trying to get Mud Dock to host a Rollapaluza roller racing night. Last night it finally happened. There was a good turn out with about 70-80 racers and a lot of spectators. Unfortunately I got knocked out in the round (I blame the endurance training!) but that gave me a good chance to spectate, enjoy a few glasses of the Portuguese red and catch up with some friends. The normal crew were all there, but it was especially good to see Gord and Gooner who had both made quite a journey. The crowd was noisy and the racing close. fantastic!

Although he only came second, ride of the night was definitely Duncan Ferris who posted the 7th fastest time ever!

It was a top night hopefully it'll be repeated soon!

sorry about the camera phone pics...


Anonymous said...

Thanks Shaggy!

good to see you a wicked night.

full results and photos now up here:


Shaggy said...

Good to see you Winston! Hopefully more often in future!