Monday 29 September 2008

Three Peaks 2008

That was a weekend of two half's... Saturday was a relaxing day with (pretend twin) Jon and Trina (that's her pic). Followed by a slap up meal and a few drinks.

Pic stolen from Steve there's some great photos on his flickr page...

Sunday saw my third stab at the Three Peaks Cyclocross race. This is a pretty brutal race over three very big, very steep and often very rocky hills. Mountain bikes aren't allowed. On my previous rides I've always destroyed a rear wheel which has somewhat slowed me down... This year my number one aim was to get round with the bike intact. The weather was very good- not too hot but the ground was pretty dry and fast. No surprise then that Rob Jebb won for a record 7th time in a row and took time out of his own course record as well. I took the ride fairly steady, my single speed slowed me down on the road sections but I seemed to out ride everyone around me once we hit dirt. On the final peak I was still feeling fairly fresh so pushed it a bit harder and came in just over 4 hours, and the first of the few single speeders. The bike held up pretty well, with the exception of a grip coming off and the saddle slipping it all seems in working order, I must have been riding smoother than it felt. Even the body isn't feeling too bad. I can go much faster another time and as I believe I was only 9 minutes behind the single speed record so there's something else to aim for in future.

Pic by Dave, more great pictures.

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Unknown said...

I didn't even know there was a singlespeed record!

Who records it?