Saturday 22 December 2012

Video killed the radio star

I'm wanting to try out doing some videos. It's not easy to do it yourself. My good friend Dr j0n makes solo riding photos and videos look good, and I'd like to do the same. I made a video a while back about my XC bike- a Planet X Dirty Harry. It was a good learning experience.

Today I made a video about drilling Fat bike rims.

I played with many free editing programs but ended up using Windows Live Movie Maker. The editing certainly gets easier the more you use it. I certainly need practice...


reverend dick said...

That's a great idea! I was thinking of using my dremel tool, but worried it would be sloppy. I totally forgot about hole saws.
Thanks for that.

Molds said...

Hi Shaggy

That’s a helpful post re drilling fat rims.

Did you (someone) make any calculations on how the wheel strength is affected or are you relying on the fact that you can ride light and don’t weigh very much yourself?

I would be interested in losing some rolling resistance from the full fat rims but I weigh 110kg without my bike kit on! I’m not so sure it would be such a good idea to get the drill out…



Molds said...
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Shaggy said...

I didn't do any calcs on rim strength, but knew from experience, for me, it would be fine. I've been running drilled rims for years and have only had problems on one set of silly light rims. To be honest, at your weight I'd leave them solid.