Friday 13 April 2012

Sometimes you eat the bar

Last weekend was the Exposure European 12 and 25 hour championships. Mel and I made the long trip up to Newcastleton and dragged Phil the Horse for heckling and spannering duties. I've not got many traditional races planned for the year so was keen to put in a strong performance. The Dirty Harry was dialled and I was feeling pretty good. The first few laps went well. The singletrack was fun and I was moving at a good but sustainable pace. However things slowly took a turn for the worse. I started getting bad hamstring pain. I soldiers on and attempted to adjust my position to relive it but it kept getting worse. I ended up pulling the plug after 6 hours in 3rd place. Very disappointing as I tend to start slowly an get faster.

I had a long session with Sabrine, the physio. Lots of talk about previous injuries etc. She unlocked a small muscle in my pec/armpit which seems to have been effecting my posture for some time (probably years). Dropped the left of my pelvis and swung my shoulder back. It removed most of the hamstring pain immediately. Now I have a very sore shoulder and back! She's given me lots to think about posture wise to try and stop it reoccurring. All very odd.

So unsuccessful race but hopefully its got me sorted for the long run.

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