Monday 28 February 2011


Following the race from home with no real news is so incredibly difficult. Finally at about lunch time today the leaderboard displayed that Shaggy had arrived in Yentna at 10.20pm and left heading to the second checkpoint at the Skwentna Roadhouse a couple of hours later. He's making good time - not in the first, fast group, but hopefully riding smart as there are many more miles to go.
It's impossible for me to guess what is going on in his head, whether he is finding things hard or taking things steady.
So it begins! The constant refreshing of the leaderboard, worry, excitement, jealously (more for the scenery than the race).
It's going to be difficult to concentrate on anything else for the next few days...
If I hear anything direct I'll post it, otherwise follow the race here.


Unknown said...

thank you Mel for the update! I hope you are staying warm n cozy! xo from Oxford Jessica

spruceboy said...

Perhaps you already know about this, but the Alaska Dispatch has a reporter tagging along with the race.
The first article:,0