Sunday 27 February 2011

Iditarod trail invitational.

Well in time honoured fashion my laptop died at the most inopportune time. Consequently here's an abridged version of what I've already typed once. Bus leave in 12hrs so need to sleep...
Tomorrow is my 31st birthday. This happens to coincide with the 10th annual ITI. Looks like, this year, there are 44 racers, 38 of them on bikes. It looks like Pete Basinger, the defending champ won't be racing. He lives in McGrath, where my race will finish. However the weather is too bad for him to get a flight out to the start! Mike Curiak is about. He's riding the 1100 miles to Nome and shooting a film at the same time. My bike and kit is stripped down as far as I dare. Not been able to eat much today as I've been really nervous. Just want to get going now! Right- bed time.

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Unknown said...

Happy Birthday bro! And best of luck! Love Kirsty