Tuesday 1 June 2010

Summer 'Cross at last!

I'd been really looking forward to the Western Summer 'Cross League. 'Cross season is never long enough and the idea of racing after work really appeals. I couldn't make it to the first round, last week, so was raring to go. My knee is still not quite right and I've got a cold so I wasn't quite sure how I'd go so I headed out for a practice lap. The course was fast but with a couple of really tricky sections and a lot of hurdles. Looked fun and my legs gave me some confidence.

The start went well, I got in to 4th from the first corner but then over ran the second, losing a few places. I managed to get back in to 4th over the first set of hurdles and the first technical section. I rode on Rob Lee's wheel for the first lap but then overtook him on a long slight climb. Then there I stayed, 1st and 2nd slowly pulled away from me but I put a couple of minutes in to everyone else. Unusually I was pulling away in the straights and not keeping enough speed in the corners. Not enough time on the 'cross bike I guess! Anyway very happy with 3rd place and some obvious room for improvement. Roll on next week!

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